The Old New: contemplating Country today

The interweaving of self-Country-community has been practiced by Australian Aboriginal people, within one of the world's oldest continuous living cultures, for tens of thousands of years. Country encompasses the sky, water, land, wisdom and communities of human and non-human life; without Country, we would not be. By bringing our sensory awareness to the world around, and within us, we can reconnect to the source of life;  this brings feelings of restoration, renewal, and creativity, inspiring us to care for the world.

Enjoy a moment of calm with these short, guided meditations and lessons with experienced First Nations practitioners.

Journey through Palawa Country with Dharug woman, Dr Jen Evans.

Join Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner Alana Marsh on a reflection of self and a journey through the senses.

Be guided by Conscious Creator and Educator, Jem Stone, on a meditation designed to centre, ground, and connect.

Learn how to create your own heartfelt Acknowledgement of Country with Jem Stone.

This project was produced in collaboration with:

Contemplative Studies Centre
The Contemplative Studies Centre fuses contemplative wisdom, innovative research, lifelong education, authentic dialogue and practice in the pursuit of knowledge to allow us, our society, and our world to flourish.

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