Who Is Nature?

First Nation communities across the world often describe nature not as a resource to be extracted but as a living entity. Nature is not a 'what' but a 'who'.

Who Is Nature? is an interactive 360-degree film exploring the intimate and ceremonial relationship between individuals, cultures, and the natural world.

Satisfy your wanderlust and be transported from Western Australia, sculpted by the Dreamtime serpent Beemarra, to a sacred Mayan lake in Mexico, to an Afro-Cuban harvesting ceremony in a Havana medicinal forest.  Chart your own journey by triggering interviews with community elders, together with maps and texts that illuminate their perspectives.

Watch the film on any flatscreen device (computer, tablet, phone) or enjoy the full immersive experience with a VR headset.

Learn more about the sites and cultures featured in the film at this panel discussion with Professor Adrian Hearn. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments in the Padlet below!

Being Human 2021
This project was produced in collaboration with the 2021 Being Human Festival. Founded in the UK as the only national festival of the humanities, Being Human is now a global celebration dedicated to demonstrating the breadth, diversity and vitality of the humanities.

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