One: Women & Health

COVID-19 has brought healthcare to the forefront of public discussion. The virus has at once created the unified experience of a global pandemic, whilst also highlighted the varied and disproportionate impact this health crisis has had on communities and individuals. Studies since the beginning of the pandemic have demonstrated that women are among one of the group’s most severely impacted by COVID-19. Equally, women across the world have taken on important positions and roles to protect and support their communities. Women in Australia and India are in decision-making positions surrounding policy and advocacy work on COVID-19. Women have been working on the frontlines as scientists, doctors, nurses, care-takers, grocers, market-stall holders, community kitchen workers, in independently created self-help groups and so much more. Women have been the creators of vaccines, the leaders of our countries and the community support workers who have sustained us over the course of the last year and a half. Leading Together provides an opportunity to acknowledge the women in our communities making positive changes in the health landscape, and contributing our own reflections, ideas and questions.

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