Classics Trust Fund


Classics sits at the heart of a set of academic disciplines that we know as the Humanities, which are some of the most important fields of teaching in any university.

At the University of Melbourne we believe Classics has relevance across the University - whether in the Arts and Humanities, Law or Science, Medicine or Engineering. Our vision for the future of Classics is determined and not defensive. As one of the founding disciplines of the University, we believe that Classics reflects not only the University's great legacy, but also its duty and capacity to look to the future and - 'Postera Crescam Laude' - grow in the esteem of future generations.

In this respect, Classics is unique. It sits right of the heart of the University's academic identity and provokes rigorous debate and deep intellectual engagement with the foundations and fabric of our society. It also connects us to our global history, and facilitates and influences the application of this knowledge in a world beyond the University. Many of our Classics' alumni have expressed the central importance of Classics to their business practice and life decisions. It is against this backdrop that the Faculty of Arts is building an endowment to support Classics in perpetuity and thus cement and strengthen the already significant contribution of Classics, both to the University and to the cultural and intellectual life of the community at large.

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