Italian Studies
Trust Fund


The University of Melbourne's Italian Studies program is the oldest in Victoria and one of the first in Australia.

The Italian Studies program at Melbourne was formally established in the 1960s within the Faculty of Arts, although some teaching of Italian language began in the 1920s. The current program covers a wide range of areas and interests, including language studies, linguistics and translation studies, as well as interdisciplinary studies of art history, cinema, history and music.

The Italian Studies Trust Fund is a permanent endowment to ensure that Italian Studies is supported at the University of Melbourne in perpetuity. It supports scholarships, fellowships, community education and public engagement, as well as additional teaching positions to expand our range of activities. As the capital of this trust grows so will the range of activities it can support. The Italian Studies Trust Fund encourages future generations of students and staff to engage with Italian language and culture and the rich history of Italian Studies within the Australian context.

It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of Italy in the development of Western civilisation. Italy's language and culture have been of great significance for centuries. The Italian Studies program at the University of Melbourne has had great success in bringing Italian language and culture to all Australians - regardless of origins or family history - and remains focussed on fostering and maintaining italianità in Australia into the future.

We invite you to consider supporting this wonderful opportunity to communicate and enrich Italian studies in Melbourne.

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