Treaty Education Fund

Education on the role of treaty in transforming relations between First Nations and settler societies is pivotal to any meaningful negotiation of place, identity and belonging today. The Indigenous Settlers Relations Collaboration (ISRC) in the Faculty of Arts offers individuals and organisations the chance to understand the role treaty plays through four certificates (MicroCerts) which support individuals and organisations in preparing for treaty negotiations between First Nations peoples and organisations. Participants learn to analyse how treaties have shaped past interactions and to understand the possibilities they open for future relations. This Melbourne MicroCert series provides the skills, knowledge and understanding to begin meaningful treaty negotiations, and equips individuals to work at the interface between government, the private and public sectors and First Nations. By supporting the Treaty Education Fund you will give First Nations people the opportunity to join this important conversation.

Support the Treaty Education Fund to provide First Nations people the opportunity to participate in this important conversation and initiative on Treaty.

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