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The Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (GCCMC) is the only centre of its kind in Australia, offering research and education programs, and consultancies that combine both the theory and practice of cultural material conservation. Our teaching programs offer specialist courses in conservation, new media and digital preservation, and art authentication. Our research programs focus on cultural preservation issues relating to cultural heritage in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

You can contribute to the work of the Grimwade Centre by donating to the Warmun Art Centre - Grimwade Centre partnership or the Willem Snoek Conservation Fund.

The Warmun Art Centre - Grimwade Centre partnership

'Bangariny-warriny jarrag booroonboo-yoo: Two good ideas talking together'

In 2014, after the successful program to save the signficant Warmun Community Collection after the devastating 2011 floods, the Warmun Art Centre and Grimwade Centre signed the 'Bangariny-warriny jarrag booroonboo-yoo: Two good ideas talking together' Partnering Agreement. This signalled the desire of the two organisations to work together to develop programs that:

  • Enable the Grimwade Centre to understand Gija knowledge as a demonstration of Indigenous knowledge in Australia so as to improve the University's teaching, research and engagement and make it more relevant to Australia. This includes ongoing support for education and employment opportunities for Gija people
  • Support Warmun Art Centre (and the Gija people) to build opportunities for Gija employment, education and shared learning through teaching, research and engagement programs, focused on curriculum and research programs that are developed by Gija people with support of the University

Through your generosity, the Faculty of Arts is able to advance this partnership and further the development of new education and research programs including a new curriculum developed jointly with Gija people to address the gap in intercultural education in Australia. This will offer new education opportunities for both young Gija and non-Indigenous students, while also employing Gija cultural leaders as senior lecturers in the program. Your donation will go directly towards helping this important partnership to continue.

The Willem Snoek Conservation Fund

Donations to the Willem Snoek Conservation Fund will be directed to a trust that will support student activities at the Grimwade Centre in the field of heritage conservation. By contributing to this fund you will be helping build an endowment that will support students at the centre for decades to come.

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