Industry projects

Previous industry projects have produced marketing strategies, advertising materials, website design, program appraisals and event proposals for international and domestic partners.

Why offer a project to students?

Industry projects generally take place at the University, allowing you to gain the benefits of students’ time without necessarily having to provide difficult resources, such as office space. You will be able to collaborate with a small team of our students on a project or concept that you identify as of interest. Students will work on a project under the general supervision of an academic supervisor at the University. At the end of a three-month semester, students report back their evaluation, with suggestions for improvement and refinement. The completed research can be used by your organisation.

Offer an Industry project: Expression of Interest

Frequently asked questions

  • How much time will I need to offer the students undertaking a project?

    To ensure the students and host get the most out of the opportunity, you will be asked to meet with the students at the beginning of a semester (February or July). Six weeks later, students should have the opportunity to 'check in' with their host to ensure they are on the right track. At the end of semester (May or October), students will present their projects to the host organisation in person. Some email contact throughout the duration of the project should be expected.

  • Will I be able to keep the intellectual property of the completed project?

    Yes. Students will sign a Deed Poll which will provide that host organisations either own, or have broad rights to use, intellectual property from the project. However, hosts should note that students will typically be required to submit written work for assessment by the University to satisfy their course or subject requirement, and that such written work may include references to, or extracts from the project (the host may reasonably require the University to comply with relevant confidentiality obligations, so long as this does not impact on the academic integrity of the assessment).

  • Can the student continue working with my organisation outside of their set hours?

    Work undertaken by the student will be strictly limited to their number of prescribed hours. Any work undertaken on the project in addition to these hours, and which is required by the host, should be discussed between the host organisation and the student, and a separate employment agreement should be signed between the student and the host organisation to cover these arrangements.

  • Do I need to pay the student?

    Students do not need to be paid for their work in the project where the project is facilitated by the University and undertaken for course credit as, under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), students who undertake a WIL activity for credit towards their degree can be lawfully unpaid for the duration of the specified course requirements.

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