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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a term used to describe a variety of learning activities, experiences, approaches and strategies which integrate academic theory with real-world work outcomes.

The Faculty of Arts partners with organisations on a range of WIL activities, including internships and industry projects.

Through these programs your organisation gains access to our brightest minds, as well as unique recruitment opportunities by connecting with the next generation of leaders in their field. Our students come from a range of academic specialisations; such as the flexible Bachelor of Arts to more targeted graduate courses; and bring a range of skills, talent and passion to your organisation.

For more information on how to work with our students, please see the WIL web page:

Work integrated learning partnership

Work Integrated Learning

Research opportunities

Collaborative research

We can connect you with researchers and academics who are experts in areas of interest to your organisation We will work with you to identify opportunities to commercialise and access funding for research projects.

Our academics and researchers are committed to working collaboratively with you to identify and understand your needs, solve critical issues and challenges and enable your organisation to implement innovative approaches and practices.

Graduate Research placements

Faculty of Arts Doctor of Philosophy – Arts (known as PhD or Doctorate) and Graduate Research (GR) students can provide you with in-depth critical analysis of issues that they are wishing to uncover. Through our research industry placements our students can work with your organisation to further develop critical evidence and an understanding of key issues. Throughout their placement PhD and GR students receive close guidance and support from their academic supervisor and the Faculty.

Professional development

Professional and Executive Education Programs

The Faculty of Arts offers a range of Professional and Executive Education Programs and Specialist Certificates that can be customised to meet your organisation's needs, and to assist in developing your staff in a range of specialisations. These programs provide informal and formal qualifications that advance participant's level of expertise in a chosen area. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Strategic communications and engagement
  • Public sector and civic leadership
  • Government and inter-sector relations
  • Social policy
  • Arts and cultural management
  • Art authentication
  • Asia-Pacific cultural awareness
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Community Education Programs

Community Education Programs are designed to enhance the life of our community through curated masterclasses, lectures, courses, cultural tours and special events. Drawing from the rich and extensive cultural wealth and expertise of our academics and cultural partners, these programs bring together members of the public, students, alumni and University staff to explore a diverse range of topics and issues, and to engage in life-long learning opportunities.

The Faculty works collaboratively with our partners to run these programs. Partners include, but are not limited to; the National Gallery of Victoria, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, and Ian Potter Museum of Art.

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