Research impacts

1. Our Research Programs Drive and Support Productive Collaborations

  • Scholarly Production: Framing global issues, bespoke solutions, and community support.
  • Economic Value: Industry-led conservation research and skill development.
  • Social Value: Confronting inequity, securing art collections, and education.
  • Cultural Strengthening: Promoting Indigenous knowledge and diversity.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Addressing regional needs and heritage preservation.
  • Quality of Life: Building capabilities for well-being.

2. How We Measure Our Impact

  • Excellence: World-class research, leading publications, diverse funding.
  • Long-Tail Impact: Professional practice, knowledge sharing, new pathways.
  • Collaboration: Inclusive research, interdisciplinary, community partnerships.
  • Interdisciplinary Research: Networks with experts, campus collaborations.
  • Community-Partnered Research: Partnerships with diverse communities.
  • Indigenous Programs: Two-way learning, coproduction of research.

3. Assessing Our Value

  • Integration: Demonstrating benefits to participants and stakeholders.
  • Strategy: Aligning with university strategies, securing grants.
  • Commitment: Supporting new and existing research, funding strategies.
  • Engagement: Translating research, sustaining partnerships, public good.
  • Co-Production: Collaborative contributions, scholarly production, IP.

4. Our Research Strategy

  • Alignment: Grimwade, School, Faculty, and University strategies.
  • Design: Research for social, economic, environmental, and cultural benefits.
  • Commitment: Supporting research partnerships with industry, community and government.
  • Engagement: Translating research and sustaining partnerships.
  • Co-Production: Collaborative contributions  and IP considerations within and outside academia.