Our Vision


Our Vision

Established by the University Council in July 2003, Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation is Australia’s leading centre of excellence for art and cultural materials conservation and preservation.

Built on the commitment that culture matters to individuals and societies, and on the understanding that the University of Melbourne has a critical role to play in the articulation and preservation of culture through education, research and translation, the Centre has a clear vision of success:

A globally connected conservation research Centre leading regional and global programs to sustain our shared cultural record

This vision is supported by:

  • strong partnerships across Australia, and internationally for teaching, research and translation;
  • state-of-the-art conservation infrastructure and associated expertise;
  • scholars and practitioners who demonstrate global excellence;
  • access to integrated University of Melbourne expertise and support;
  • a robust and sustainable business model supported by the Faculty of Arts;
  • staff who generate and lead a culture of inquiry, excellence and commitment.

Three key facets define the ability of the Centre to deliver against its vision.

  1. Strong interdisciplinary focus that gives staff the ability to work across Humanities, Social Sciences and Science disciplines including with History, Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Media Studies, Film Production, Indigenous Studies, Curatorial Studies, Architectural Heritage, Earth Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Information Technology, and others.
  2. Strong partnerships with individuals and organisations in urban, rural, and regional communities, including Indigenous leaders, Southeast Asian museums and international institutions.
  3. The commitment of staff to drive community engagement, student programs and research translation projects.