Core activities

Uniquely positioned as one of the only Research Centres of its kind in the world, the Grimwade Centre combines three core activity streams which seek to advance conservation practices in the Asia-Pacific region.

  1. Education
    • Knowledge transfer to develop leading professionals
    • Increase in skilled workers protecting and conserving cultural material
    • Distribute conservation expertise across a range of roles and workplaces
    • Deliver equitable education that empowers people and their communities
  2. Research
    • Local and international leadership in innovation
    • Lead interdisciplinary exchange and collaborations
    • Amplify the role cultural material plays in the growth of social capital and community identity
    • Sustainable research through translation, innovation and commercialisation
  3. Commercialisation
    • Testing of research outputs on real world challenges
    • Commercialisation of research IP
    • Industry and community engagement in research solutions
    • Provide university expertise and knowledge to support the conservation needs of people and their communities

Located at The University of Melbourne, our research is interwoven through teaching and translated for commercial applications. As a post-graduate program and conservation service, our Research centre is designed to provide broad but integrated outcomes.

In its current strategic plan (2022–2027), Grimwade identifies three priority areas:

  1. Digital Heritage
  2. Indigenous conservators
  3. Contemporary conservation practices

These priority research areas provide a future-facing platform for emerging conservators and supports the identified needs of our partners.


Conserving Australia’s cultural record