2019 Knowing Animals Reading Group - focus on seminal works in Animal Studies

This year the Knowing Animals Reading Group will work together to read, critique and enjoy some formative, seminal and perhaps overlooked texts from Animal Studies.

This historical turn responds to the group discussion after reading Susan Fraiman's 'Pussy Panic' and Robert McKay's 'Brigid Brophy's Pro-Animal Forms'.

This is a chance for us to bring together a wonderful reading list of texts - an optimistic '101 Animal Studies'. After some consultation with animal studies scholars, some of the authors we hope to include are; Cora Diamond, Barbara Noske, Brigid Brophy, Marti Kheel, Val Plumwood, Carol J Adams, Deborah Bird Rose, Rachael Carson, Greta Gaard and more. Of course we continue to welcome, and encourage, any suggestions of writers you've found particularly influential, or texts you've been meaning to read.

As usual we’ll be meeting on the last Monday of each Month with the new time of 6-7pm, which hopefully allows people to get to Parkville campus after work. If you would like to join us please contact hrae-info@unimelb.edu.au to join the group. All Welcome.