Workshops on Language Testing and Assessment

The LTRC offers training to develop your skills in language assessment and/or language program evaluation. Custom-made workshops can be created on demand.

Our programs can be customised to suit your needs. We offer:

  • In-service presentations and seminars
  • Short courses
  • Evaluation of existing assessment procedures
  • Test development workshops

LTRC offers workshops on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Rasch measurement using Winsteps
  • Introduction to many-facet Rasch measurement using Facets
  • Diagnostic assessment in the language classroom
  • Diagnostic writing assessment
  • Rating scale development and validation
  • Assessing listening
  • Assessing writing and speaking
  • Test analysis
  • Responding to writing
  • Self-and peer-assessment in the language classroom
  • Designing and validating post-entry university language assessments

Both experienced and new teachers can benefit from examining their assessment practice or evaluating the effectiveness of their language programs. Whether they are responsible for the development or selection of assessment instruments (such as placement tests, exit tests, formal end-of-course tests), for the ongoing assessment of learners within a particular class or level, or for monitoring the success of their language programs, teachers need a firm understanding of theoretical and practical assessment and evaluation issues to inform the decisions they are required to make - decisions which are crucial to the learning outcomes for their students.

The range of courses and consultancies offered by the LTRC allows participants to draw on world-class expertise in developing their assessment and evaluation skills, individually or on an institutional basis. The seminars, workshops and presentations, supported by state-of-the-art audio/visual materials and examples of good testing practice are designed to help teachers examine the role that assessment and evaluation play in today's language classroom. Through exploration of the principles underlying good assessment practice, you will be guided in the development of your own assessment procedures. By considering different ways of monitoring the day-to-day running of your language program and what your students are gaining from it, you will be able to judge whether the goals set for the language program are being met.

LTRC staff have many years of experience, both locally and overseas, of presenting short courses, in-service presentations and consultancies tailored to particular needs. To discuss your training needs please contact LTRC.