Mission and purpose

Language testing and assessment

Language testing and assessment is a discipline with a principled approach to designing and validating tools to assess and evaluate language abilities. The language testing field is informed by the academic disciplines of linguistics, the social sciences and education. The practice of language assessment supports just/sound decision making for policy makers, practitioners and test takers in education, migration and workplace contexts.

LTRC mission

The LTRC serves as a global leader promoting ethical and exemplary research and practice in language testing and assessment. Our aim is to build professional expertise and public understanding of the field and to advocate for appropriate testing practices on behalf of stakeholders. We provide consultancy services, policy advice and public advocacy.

What we do

  • carry out research in language testing and assessment.
  • develop and validate tests and other tools to measure abilities in English and other languages, for various purposes such as:
    • diagnosis of learning needs
    • placement into language programs
    • course admissions
    • program evaluation
    • certification of language abilities for professional / employment needs
  • provide education and training in the area of language testing and assessment
  • provide policy advice and advocate for appropriate testing and assessment practices

The LTRC subscribes to the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.