Episode 129: Why Taiwan leads the rest of Asia in recognising LGBTQ+ rights

In May 2019, Taiwan broke barriers by legalizing same-sex marriage, becoming the first in Asia to do so.

While the enormous efforts of activists — coupled with the progressive mindset of Taiwanese youth — were instrumental in achieving this milestone, what is it about Taiwan that has made it the regional forerunner when it comes to the rights of sexual minorities? What lessons can other societies in Asia learn from Taiwan's experience? And how are greater contentions around national identity in Taiwan colouring the movement in its fight against remaining discrimination? Taiwan LGBTQ+ researchers and advocates, Dr Wen Liu and Adam Chen-Dedman, examine the issues and intersections with presenter Ali Moore. An Asia Institute podcast.

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Dr Wen Liu and Adam Chen-Dedman

L->R: Dr Wen Liu and Adam Chen-Dedman

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