2019 Australian Centre Literary Awards announced

2019 Australia Centre Literary Awards

The Australian Centre announced the 2019 winners of the Literary Awards at a ceremony on Saturday 7 September during the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Hosted by Professors Denise Varney and Ken Gelder, directors of the Australian Centre, the Australian Centre Literary Awards recognise writers across the fields of life writing, Indigenous screenwriting, Australian and Irish poetry, and creative writing.

Four awards were presented at this year's event: the Kate Challis RAKA Award, the Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry, the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize and the Peter Blazey Fellowship.

Kate Challis RAKA Award

For the best script for film or television by an Indigenous writer screened in the last five years. 

2019 recipients: Steven McGregor and David Tranter, Sweet Country

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Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry

Awarded to an author or composer of original verse or poetry in the English Language and who is an Australian citizen.

2019 recipient: Kevin Brophy, Look at the Lake (extract)

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Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize

Offered alternately to enable an Australian poet to visit Ireland and to facilitate the visit of an Irish poet to Melbourne.

2019 recipient: Susanna Dickey, genuine human values

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Peter Blazey Fellowship

Awarded annually to writers in the non-fiction fields of biography, autobiography and life writing to further a work in progress.

2019 recipient: Ellen van Neerven, Personal Score

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Banner image: Professor Ken Gelder introduces the 2019 Australian Centre Literary Awards. Image supplied.