Professor Cordelia Fine wins prestigious Royal Society Prize 2017

School of Historical and Philosophical Studies Professor, Cordelia Fine, has won the 30th anniversary Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize for her book “Testosterone Rex: Unmaking the Myths of our Gendered Minds”.

The books takes an “eye-opening, forensic look at gender stereotypes and its urgent call for change”. Drawing on scientific evidence from biology, anthropology, psychology and neuroscience, Professor Fine constructs a comprehensive, interdisciplinary text that dispels the myth that testosterone fundamentally shapes men and women into inexorably different species. 

Speaking on the award, chair of the panel Richard Fortey said “…Cordelia Fine takes to pieces much of the science on which ‘fundamental’ gender differences are predicated. Graced with precisely focused humour, the author makes a good case that men and women are far more alike than many would claim. Feminist? Possibly. Humanist? Certainly. A compellingly good read.”

The Royal Society prize provides deserving recognition for the important work Professor Cordelia Fine has contributed to modern feminist discourse; providing ground breaking, easily accessible arguments for a more nuanced and holistic understanding of gender.

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