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The Initiative for Peacebuilding brings together multidisciplinary research, engagement, and education to advance peacebuilding and conflict prevention in the Indo-Pacific region.

Sustainable peace is one of the essential conditions for global security and wellbeing. One way that peace is pursued is through the prevention and transformation of violent conflicts, and the conditions that give rise to these conflicts. Another is through supporting the attitudes, institutions and structures that can sustain peaceful societies.

With deep regional expertise and capabilities which bridge research and practice, the Initiative for Peacebuilding contributes to peacebuilding and conflict prevention by:

  • researching peacebuilding in innovative and regionally grounded programs
  • engaging with peacebuilding practice and policy from the standpoint of a university-based initiative
  • educating the current and next generation of peacebuilding practitioners and researchers

If you are interested in supporting the Initiative, please refer to our downloadable brochure. Funds donated via the link below go directly toward supporting the activities of the Initiative.

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