Multilingual Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia’s fastest growing city, is also amongst its most multilingual and multicultural. This cultural and linguistic diversity is recognised as one of Melbourne’s many assets and something that RUMACCC actively researches and promotes.

Melbourne has more than 4.5 million residents and still growing fast. With this population growth comes more cultural and linguistic diversity – a fact that is promoted and supported by the Victorian State government and local councils. This diversity is also something that RUMACCC actively researches and promotes through its various activities.

RUMACCC has recently partnered with its counterpart, Multilingual Manchester at the University of Manchester, to work collaboratively on research projects investigating multilingualism in our respective cities.

LinguaSnapp Melbourne

As a first project, LinguaSnapp Melbourne aims to develop a multilingual landscape map of Melbourne. With LinguaSnapp Melbourne you can get involved in tracking the linguistic diversity in our streets. LinguaSnapp is a free app, developed by Multilingual Manchester and adapted for use in Melbourne. It is available for Apple and Android from the app stores and from the LinguaSnapp Melbourne website.

There you also find more information about the app and the project. Click on the pins on the map to get a visual taste of language use in Melbourne, and download the app and start contributing!