Readers in Italian

These readers are the work of students of Italian at the University of Melbourne. They are designed to support schools and families who wish to teach and use Italian with their students and children respectively.

The readers in Italian are the work of students who have completed Italian 8 / Italian Language and Culture 2B at the University of Melbourne. As part of this course with its focus on creative writing and writing analysis, students are required to self-publish their first book – specifically a small early reader in Italian. As you’re sure to discover very quickly, they are varied in style and content – some more traditional than others – but will be enjoyed by all readers.

Early readers

Il disonesto omino di pan di zenzero (1.65Mb pdf) Emily Lentini
Il drago d’oro (1.55Mb pdf) Madelaine Kenihan
Il fiore bellissimo (1.95Mb pdf) Emily Gray
Il gattino Giacomino (850kb pdf) Sarah Retica
Gelato da morire (3.9Mb pdf) Bernardo Monteleone
Il gorilla, la volpe e l’orso (1.03Mb pdf) Emily Fitzgerald
La lumaca fifona (2.05Mb pdf) Imogen Lazarus
Pina Piccolina (3.7Mb pdf) Cynthia Mercuri
Il pollo martire (800kb pdf) Patrick McDonald and Joshua Chang
La principessa e il vero principe (1.35Mb pdf) Giulian Favrin and Katia Salera
Il serpente avido (coming soon) Emily O’Grady
La storia dei due contadini (2.3Mb pdf) Georgia Delaney
La strega del cuore d’oro (420kb pdf) Jane O’Grady
L’uovo perduto (1.24Mb pdf) Brendan Musumeci

Mature readers only

Warning: this book is not intended for early readers. It is a transgressive retelling of a well-known children’s story that older readers will understand and enjoy.

Title Author
I tre porcellini (410kb pdf) Davide Sforzin