Book launch of "Anecdotal Evidence: Ecocritiqe from Hollywood to the Mass Image" by Professor Sean Cubitt

Professor Sean Cubitt latest book on film and ecocritique is titled Anecdotal Evidence: Ecocritiqe from Hollywood to the Mass Image.

anecdotal evidence

Professor Sean Cubitt's latest book, Anecdotal Evidence: Ecocritique from Hollywood to the Mass Image, explores the notion of ecocritique. Ecocritique is a practice of radical questioning, as essential to the critical armoury as feminism and postcolonialism have become. Anecdotes are ecocritical because they focus on encounters, concentrated moments of crisis when social ordering and ecological forces clash. Bringing ecological criticism to bear on case studies of popular culture in the twenty-first century, Anecdotal Evidence argues that the humanities have a vital role to play in rethinking politics today. Treating contemporary Hollywood movies, streaming video media, and mass image databases as anecdotes about waste, debt, and obligation reveals the deep intertwining of history and ecology in culture. An original take on Anthropocene anxieties and technological paranoia, the book proposes that the digital humanities still need the traditional skills of close reading to understand our contemporary condition. Only because the environment has a history is it possible to intervene environmentally. Because we continually misrecognise the historical production of environments, the first task of ecocritique is to bring our formative concept of ecology into crisis. Its final task will be to achieve the good life for everything connected by the historical implication of humans in ecology, and ecology in humans. No politics can be undertaken in our times except through media: ecocritical humanities have a key role in rethinking ecopolitics in the twenty-first century. More information...