2018 History Capstone showcase

History Capstone conference

Digital Studio, Level 3
West Wing of Arts West
(access via the rear lift)


Four student documentaries from the 2018 History Capstone Conference are now showing in the Digital Studio until 16 November.

The History Capstone Conference was a celebration of the work produced by third-year history majors in 2018 in the capstone subject Making History (HIST30060). This subject brings all students majoring in History together in a culminating experience to reflect on the past and current state of History as a discipline, as well as on its contemporary relevance and importance.

Students undertook an historical research project, and engaged with issues to do with the history, politics and culture of historical knowledge. The outcomes of this research project ranged from traditional essays to video documentaries, audio podcasts, websites, web-exhibitions and print booklets.


  • Tim Lilley - Building Rail, Building Victoria: A History of the Melbourne-Gelong Railway
  • Seamus Latto - A History of the Dandenong Ranges
  • Bronte Gosper - Freedom Swimmer: Escaping the Cultural Revolution
  • Julian Jones - Welsh Cawl Spoons and Material Culture History: A Video Essay

The documentaries on show are just a small example of the work that the students produced. Take a look at some of the other projects via the below links


Helen Kempton - Forgotten Threads: WWII, Fashion and Home Sewing in Australia

Jesse Seeberg-Gordon - The Wrecks of the Tryall and the Batavia

Meredith Hodson and Matilda Shaw - The Great History Clash: Conscription

Web exhibitions

Meghan Grech - 1975 Homosexual Conference

Alice Lynch - Ameri-can-isation: How WWII shifted food in Australia between 1939 and 1945

Christine Latham and Ben Sladin - The rights of smaller countries at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference

Matt Arundell - Billy Hughes Twitter account

Alex Liu - Smallpox 1881

Danielle Scrimshaw - Queer Space in 1970s Melbourne