Audio-Visual Communication at Melbourne, A Retrospective

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The School of Culture and Communication and the Digital Studio are proud to present a selection of student projects, representing almost 10 years of consistently high-quality work in the subject Audio-Visual Communication.

Audio-Visual Communication is a core subject in the Master of Global Media Communication degree and an elective in the Master of Marketing Communication both of which now attract a large cohort of international students. Each semester students form teams to produce 4-minute non-fiction video stories. Students are given considerable stylistic freedom and are encouraged to present their own perspective, to engage other students as their principal audience and to entertain, provoke reflection and deliver insight rather than information or exposition.

"What stands out in this program are the rich, distinctive cultures these projects reveal bubbling beneath the surface of the University and the positive picture that emerges. Through these projects students have fiercely and energetically engaged with campus life and with the challenges of bridging the social, academic and professional worlds that confront them.

"Audio-Visual Communication is successful because it empowers students to experience media from the perspective of the producer and to create content on ideas, issues and people that matter to them and that they believe should matter to all of us. On behalf of the students I hope you enjoy this work and stay tuned for a lot more from us at AV Comms in the future" - Steven McIntyre, Subject Coordinator.

22 projects (90 mins) produced by Audio-Visual Communication students and curated by subject coordinator Steven McIntyre will be screened on loop in the Digital Studio from 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday until 6 September. A highlights reel will screen daily at lunchtime in the Arts West Atrium.

Acknowledgements: thanks to Equipment Loans Officer Daniel Hayward and the Faculty of Arts eTeaching team, staff at the School of Culture and Communication and University Security without whose valuable support AV Comms would not be possible each semester. A special thanks also to the 2018-19 subject tutor Youri Dumousseau.

Project credits:

Screen 1

Kandyan Beyond Sri Lanka

Nipuni Dissanayake Producer
Boon Jing Editor
Wei Huang Camera
Jingyi Zhao Camera
Huinan Liu Interviewer

The Art of Dubbing

ZhengYu Yang Producer
Zhiyu Li Interviewer
Wei Shen Camera and Editor
Rui Xu Editor

I’m Not Local, But…

Xi Li Producer
Shiruo Liu Camera
Steriady Steriady Interviewer
Wanru Wu Editor

Have a Nice Break

Xian Chen Producer
Na Cheng Interviewer
Xiarong Zeng Camera
Mengtian Ye Camera
Tianlin Xing Screenwriter

Being Beautiful

Zhengxin Li Producer
Qiwei tan Interviewer/Narrator
Congwei Shen Screenwriter
Di Guo Editor/Camera
Huiying Tian Camera

Kunqu Opera Echoes in Melbourne

Yunge Zhang Producer
Yufan Li Camera
Danqun Wu Editor

Beyond Filmmaking

ManalZakaria Producer
Miu Yanai Editor
SiyingChen Interviewer
Samson Song Camera

Screen 2

A Social Media Creator at Unimelb

Jiaqian Liang Producer
Wei Gong Interviewer
Dantong Li Camera
Hanzhang Wu Camera
Ran Song Editor

Under the Table

Kavindra Iddawela Producer
Marzieh Mahmoudi Camera
June Vu Editor
Aayushi Parikh Interviewer

Match or Meet?

Annie Tesche Producer
Aleksandra Ristic Editor
Regina Po Editor
Candice tang Interviewer
Samantha Wong Camera

Hi Honey!

Yifan Lu Producer
Yitian Ma Camera
Yang Ge Screenwriter
Ellen Blake Interviewer
Yutian Ma Editor

Stick It Out

Qiufan Chen Producer and Interviewer
Suyu Wu Camera
Yan Xiao Editor
Yingge yao Screenwriter

A Recipe For Sustainability

Ruby Brown Producer
Jiahong Li Camera
Yuqian Li Editor
Qing Li Editor
Siti Mahdaria Interviewer

You! Producer

Zihan Wang Producer
Zelin Zhao Camera
Xinming Yao Interviewer
Yitian Shen Editor
Wei fang Editor

Screen 3

Media Bridge

Anqi Qu Producer
Danling Cheng Camera
Yufan Wu njie Liu Interviewer
Shao-Hsuan Hsu Editor

Lift and Load

Kathryn Yan Producer
Mengxin Shi Interviewer
Yuejun Huang Camera
Yi Zhang Editor

The Smallest Action

Bree Clarke Producer
Wenxi Yang Interviewer
Li Wang Camera
Jing Yao Editor

Kill Me Heal Me

Xin Zhao Producer
Xiaoqing He Interviewer
Yanzhu Chen Camera
Zijing Yan Editor


Kaiyin Zhang Producer
Shi Li Editor
Zhenshan Liu Camera
Jiayu Liu Interviewer

Healing in the Virtual World

Ying Chen Producer
Yiming Xu Camera
Siqi He Camera
Yueer Zhang Interviewer
Shuangrong Bai Editor

Is That Me?

Shenaz Khan Producer
Tongzhu Meng Camera
Nan Jiang Editor
Mengxia Wang Interviewer

The Dreamtime

Haolin Li Producer
Xiangqi Zhen Camera
Minhui Hu Interviewer
Yi Yuan Editor
Yangyang Xu Editor