Digital Incubator workshop - Part two

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The Lab
Level 2 of the Digital Studio
West Wing of Arts West
(access via the rear lift)


'Agile'; 'User-Centred'; 'Prototyping'; 'Design Thinking' … You may have heard the buzzwords, but have you ever wondered what they actually mean?

The Digital Incubator team are offering two half-day interactive workshops demystifying their processes, tools and methods, as well as helping you apply them in your own work.

The first session on Wednesday 20 November was an exploration of some theories behind their work and an introduction to some handy tools and frameworks. Take a look at the slides from the first session.

We hope that you'll be eager to join us for the second session, whether or not you were able to join for the first session.

The second session on Wednesday 11 December will give you the opportunity to apply a design-thinking lens to your projects, with a focus on ideation, problem exploration and prototyping.

There is one (easy) piece of pre-work to bring with you into the session, please bring along one idea, big or small, new or old, that you or your team is working with. Document your idea by completing the idea template.

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What is the Digital Incubator?

The University of Melbourne's (UoM) Digital Incubator is a university-wide collaboration initiated by UoM Digital and Data team as part of the UoM Digital Agenda.

Currently, UoM's processes are optimised to deliver large, transformational and long-term programs of work. This can mean that smaller exploratory initiatives struggle to gain traction and resources necessary to unlock their potential value and impact.

The Digital Incubator provides an avenue to prototype and test smaller, previously-unexplored initiatives at their early stages by providing an environment where it's safe to experiment before significant investment and engagement are required.