Digital Visions: Showcasing the Future of Cultural Research

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Digital Studio Level 3, West Wing Arts West Building 148


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Digital Studio

Running from 10am-1pm this is a drop-in/drop-out event with all expo participants showcasing their Digital Visions across the entire time period. Explore the Digital Studio and discover something new!

Digital technologies are so ubiquitous that we barely even notice the wonder of a smartphone, or the internet, or modern medicine. But what do these new technologies bring to the University and the researchers working within? Come visit the Digital Studio, a research hub in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne which aims to facilitate, highlight and develop research within the digital humanities, arts and social sciences to find out!

Featuring world-class researchers, support staff and partners of the University showcasing how these new technologies are being used in the nuts-and-bolts of ‘doing research’, the Digital Visions expo will expose you to a new understanding of how digital technologies have impacted many areas of University research and development.

The Digital Visions expo will include:


The Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL) presents two projects: first, a Virtual Reality experience allowing users to navigate and explore samples of languages from across Melanesia, second, presentation of the Digital Daisy Bates archive which collates 24,000 pages of notes and questionnaires featuring Indigenous languages from the early 1900s.

Social and Cultural Informatics Platform
The Social and Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP) will showcase data visualisation and object digitisation projects.

eScholarship and Research
The eScholarship Research Centre, an ideas lab for informatics in archival science and digital humanities, will be demonstrating a range of research outputs including online public knowledge resources and network graph visualisations of humanities and social science datasets.

eLearning and eTeaching, Faculty of Arts
The Arts eLearning/eTeaching unit supports Faculty of Arts teaching staff with integrating technology in their teaching and learning to stimulate learning, enhance engagement and interactivity and to developing innovative teaching resources. For Digital Visions, the team will be showcasing Virtual Reality and panoramic screenings of digital Shakespeare content.

Lithodomos Logo

Lithodomos will showcase technology which allows you to experience the wonders of the ancient world with virtual reality.

SocialNUI Logo

Microsoft SocialNUI will show Augmented Studio, a project for showing virtual muscles and skeletons on the moving human body, turning it into a live canvas for health education.

Digital Heritage Australia Logo

Digital Heritage Australia will be showcasing applications for conservation, cultural heritage collection and dissemination using interactive technologies.

Projects from the ACMI X co-working space will be shown.

Deeper Richer, a company reimagining learning content through interactive technologies will be showcasing their educational iPad apps.

Cultural Infusion
Cultural Infusion will be showcasing a range of digital applications including: the Joko's World interactive learning games that blend music, geography and culture; Ancestry Atlas, a tool for visualising linguistic, ethnic and religious diversity; and the Sound Infusion and Travels with Music applications which educate on cultural instruments from 93 countries.

Melbourne Knowledge Week

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