HASS-GeoSpatial Skills Workshop

Image for HASS-GeoSpatial Skills Workshop

The Lab
Level 2 of the Digital Studio
West Wing of Arts West
(access via the rear lift)


Are you interested in learning more about how spatial data can enhance your Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (HASS) research? Do you ponder how the where? question of your research can be visualised? Does your data gathering for your research include location information that could be mapped?

Geospatial data, analysis and visualisation are increasingly important components of humanities and social sciences research. Location and references to parts of the Earth can allow researchers to better understand the often complex interrelationships existing between humanity and space over time.

Come along to our workshop where you will learn how to identify and account for spatial components of your research. Whether it is geocoding addresses or place names extracted from historical documents or manipulating data to work with data from other disciplines, you can benefit from taking part and learning the foundation skills of understanding the geographical aspect of your research (geo- referencing) and identifying the spatial elements and preparing them for analysis. (geo-coding)

The workshop is open to HASS researchers throughout Australia and across multiple disciplines.

You can attend in person in Melbourne, at various "Meet Up" locations across Australia or online via video conferencing.

This will be a hands-on learning experience, please bring a laptop and charger.

AURIN is collaborating with the HASS Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DEVL) project funded by The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) to run this workshop and support HASS researchers with new skills in georeferencing, and how it applies to HASS research.