Interactive Data Visualisation workshop

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Research Platforms Services workshop

Web Apps and hosting Online (with Javascript and Plotly)

Having a presence on the internet is more important for researchers now than ever before. If you have data, a research story to tell and you want to share it with the world, in an engaging, intuitive way, without worrying about where your journal paper ends up and how readable or engaging it is, making a wonderful web page is what you need.

A web page is immediately sharable. Interactivity is standard on the web, which allows users to explore your whole data and research on their own without having to piece it together from a paper. And the tools for making all this happen have matured over the past decade to the point that it is now within the reach of every researcher to make beautiful, interactive and online graphics and web apps. What's more, the 'web page' as a medium or platform has expanded into presentation slides, VR and general application development, forming a very solid expansion of the researcher's digital tool belt.

In this workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of making web pages with HTML and CSS. Then you'll learn the programming language of the web, Javascript, and how to use it and its libraries to make web pages that are interactive and filled with beautiful data visualisations.

Some sort of familiarity with the basics of what programming is or looks like is highly recommended.

To find out more please email Research Bazaar or visit the Research Platform Services' Training and Community web pages.