Photography for Researchers

Photography for Researchers

In light of the emerging COVID-19 situation and continuing policy statements from the State and Federal Government, the University is adopting a series of changes to reduce rates of infection in the community. The health and wellbeing of our community is of paramount importance. Therefore, all University events have been postponed or cancelled from midnight, Tuesday 17 March. Thank you for your understanding as we endeavour to keep our community members safe during this uncertain time.

Photography for Researchers

Do you have to make photographs for your research? Or would you like to? Want to make the leap to using a clunky Digital SLR camera but not sure how?

Join us at this training to improve your camera skills!

Photographer Eric Jong will be running a morning session for beginner users with no previous experience are encouraged to join us for a morning session dedicated to a introduction to camera usage. Attendee’s will put their new skills into action in a series of short photography challenges around the campus and learn the basics of shutter speeds, aperture, composition and depth of field.

An intermediate session will then follow in the early afternoon for participants who already have some camera experience to join in. This session will focus on more advanced features such as white balance, focal points, useful automated camera settings, gear and more challenges!

Digitisation expert Ben Kreunen will finish the training day with skills, workflows and applications especially relevant to researchers. He will be discussing metadata best practice, photogrammetry and the relevant university services available.

Participants should bring a Digital SLR camera, laptop and any other photography gear that they are likely to use for their own photography practice eg. a tripod, reflector or additional camera lenses.

This workshop is part of the Digital Studio’s Digital Research in Action series.


Eric Jong (@roundabouthere)

Eric has worked as a photojournalist specialising in documentary and humanitarian photography since 2008. He is currently working on long-form research projects in the arts having just completed a Masters of Fine Art at the Victorian College of Arts. He also teaches digital skills to Melbourne University researchers at Research Computing Services.

Ben Kreunen

Ben Kreunen (@OzBigBen)

Ben is a scientific photographer by qualification (BAppSci (Photography)) with 30 years of experience in imaging and IT support at The University of Melbourne prior to starting with the University Digitisation Centre in 2009.