Building, using and publishing re-usable archaeological data

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The Lab
Level 2 of the Digital Studio
West Wing of Arts West
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Aleks Michalewicz

Part of Digital Applications in Archaeology

Dr Ian Johnson
The University of Sydney

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This workshop will examine the background to archaeological computing and databases, and where we are heading in terms of sustainability, reusability and long-term preservation.

The barriers to good practice are informational rather than technical. Open source tools and standards are there for the taking but the effort lies in tracking them down. The workshop will start with a quick review of the issues in building and sharing sustainable and reusable data, and provide examples and pointers to available solutions. Far from being more expensive, a well-informed choice of approach can bring both short and long-term savings.

We will then build a working archaeological application using Heurist (, a free, Open Source web database service with a very broad set of capabilities. We will borrow selectively from existing templates to shortcut the building of a complex interlinked system and you should end up with a clear idea of how to modify this application further to build a database for your research or practice.

If possible, please bring a laptop with a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred).
Wifi will be available (Eduroam if you have an account).