SCIP Data in the Field Lab

Every week on Friday, until 22 Dec 2017
9am - 4pm

Data capture is the process of collecting data which will be processed and used later to fulfil certain purposes. (Australian National Data Service)

Traditional field work has been a process of data collection using survey methods such as face-to-face interviews, surveys or observation. The advent of the internet and plethora of smart devices (IOT) has increased the range and amount of data that can now be captured and analysed for research purposes. However, with this increased potential comes a number of challenges. Researchesr often do not have the technical knowledge or onsite support to configure data management solutions when in the field. Adding to this complexity is the obligation upon researchers to handle data security, privacy and the secure storage and retention of sensitive materials.

The SCIP Data in the Field Lab will trial digital capture tools and configurations, and deliver advice and trianing to University of Melbourne researchers on digital collection methods to support their field research.