Transcription and Linguistic Data Management

Transcription and Linguistic Data Management

In light of the emerging COVID-19 situation and continuing policy statements from the State and Federal Government, the University is adopting a series of changes to reduce rates of infection in the community. The health and wellbeing of our community is of paramount importance. Therefore, all University events have been postponed or cancelled from midnight, Tuesday 17 March. Thank you for your understanding as we endeavour to keep our community members safe during this uncertain time.

This workshop aims to introduce concepts in language data management, in particular for language documentation projects. It will present two popular current tools, one for transcription of media (Elan) and the other for annotation of text and lexicon building (FLEx). We will also introduce our new tool, Digame, for collection management.

This workshop is supported by the Research Unit for Indigenous Language and the ARC Centre for Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

This workshop is part of the Digital Studio's Digital Research in Action series.


9am - 10am: Linguistic Data Management (Nick Thieberger)


10.30am - 12.30pm: Elan intro and practicum (Nick Thieberger)


1.30pm - 3.30pm: Flex intro and practicum (Rosey Billington)


Nick Thieberger is an Associate Professor in Linguistics. He is particularly interested in developing methods for making better records of all of the world's many languages. This involves training new students in concepts of linguistic data management, the creation of new tools, and the use of existing records for new research.

He has worked with the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) since its inception in 2003, it is an archive that holds 12,000 hours of audio records in 1229 languages. He built the Digital Daisy Bates pages using TEI XML to display 23,000 pages of manuscript material in Australian Indigenous languages. He wrote a grammar of Nafsan (central Vanuatu) and continues to work on a dictionary of that language.