Video features from the Centre for Advancing Journalism

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Digital Studio
Level 3 Exhibition Screens
Arts West, West Wing


How do you make trash into treasure, turn flab into fab, or channel pain into gain? Watch cosplayers and drag queens transform themselves, or craftsmen creating something out of nothing in these inspiring tales of transformation, showcasing work by graduate students from the Centre for Advancing Journalism.

Students individually produced, filmed, and edited short features for Video Journalism, taught by Louisa Lim and Clare Richardson. In this 12-week course they learned how to work as video journalists (VJs) through every step of production, from conception of ideas and identifying talent all the way through post-production.

32 projects produced by Video Journalism students will be screened on loop in the Digital Studio from 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday until 20 December.

Special thanks to the Faculty of Arts Loans Office and eTeaching Team for their support, as well as subject tutors Henning Goll and Yang Zhuo.

Screen 1

  1. Min Wu - The Ballet Dancer
  2. Wing Kuang - History in a Box
  3. Chelsea Cucinotta - The Blow
  4. Duolin Li - Melbourne’s Humble Buskers
  5. Feiyang Liu - Rebuilding Life
  6. Huaipu Liu - Making Magic
  7. Jingfei Liu - Plastic into Products
  8. Lu Zhang - Parkour Mum
  9. Chenxi Gui - Bring Home Who I Am
  10. Fangying Zhou - The Junky Projects
  11. Xue Bai - Robe Girl

Screen 2

  1. Chen Sun - 119 Kilos
  2. Jiaqian Chen - Digital to Physical Modeling
  3. Andreas Nicola - Halloumi Festival
  4. Shiyang Tang - Forgotten Clothes
  5. Tianran Zhang - The Jeweler
  6. Yunfei Wang - Life in Paint
  7. Xueshan Li - Hosier Lane
  8. Yujuan Wu - Lolita Lover
  9. Zhenyu Dong - Tattoo Artist
  10. Cici Liu - Taekwondo
  11. Jess Malcolm - Australian Wine

Screen 3

  1. Ruby Kraner-Tucci - The Outback to Shule
  2. Chen Aran - Giggle Now!
  3. David Bogi - 13 Knives
  4. Fujia Yang - Second Life for Pianos
  5. Yingxuan Li - Erhu
  6. Yimiao Guo - Cosplay
  7. Ying Liu - Change Yourself
  8. Zara Hastie - Rubi Taboo
  9. Zixun Wang - Transmasculine Musician
  10. Shiyue Liu - Art Therapy