Digital Chamber

The Digital Chamber is a co-working space located on level 2 of the Digital Studio and has desks to house six researchers working on digital humanities and social sciences projects. It provides an enriching environment for co-working in the Digital Humanities, for exposure to international developments in the field, and the sharing of expertise about tools and platforms amongst its residents. Participation in the Digital Chamber can lead residents into employment with partner and collaborative projects, promote your research, as well as develop researcher expertise with digital tools and platforms.

The Digital Chamber has been used by RAs, Postdoctoral researchers, Visiting Fellows, and projects connected to digital research infrastructure both within the University and externally. Find out more about current research projects based in the Digital Chamber. We wish to expand this opportunity to as a diverse range of potential candidates each year.

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The allocation of spaces in the Digital Chamber will be reviewed each year and residency runs from February until the end of January the following year, or a shorter period as agreed. Expressions of Interest are always welcomed, just complete the below form.

Digital Chamber EOI

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Digital Chamber Guidelines

  • Eligibility

    Desks in the Digital Chamber will be allocated according to one or more of the following priorities:

    1. Doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers working on funded projects that have a digital research component
    2. Visiting Fellows invited to collaborate on digital HASS research or teaching projects
    3. Researchers/interns with particular expertise in digital HASS technologies or methodologies
    4. External partners/collaborators working on a digital HASS project within Faculty of Arts
    5. Researchers/interns who will be present two or more days per week (shared hot desk arrangements can be negotiated for part-time positions).
  • Duration

    The allocation of spaces in the Digital Chamber will be reviewed each year, and residency runs from February until the end of January the following year, or a shorter period as agreed.

    If a researcher's project concludes, their residency within the Digital Chamber will be reviewed.

  • What is provided

    The Digital Studio will provide the following for researchers working within the Digital Chamber:

    1. Desk space, computer equipment and software (as required), printing and kitchen facilities (other technology negotiable)
    2. Priority access to Digital Studio facilities and spaces
    3. Mentoring and technical support through partnership with Social & Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP)
  • Contribution
    1. Researchers in the Digital Chamber are expected to contribute to the Digital Studio community through:
    2. Attendance, whenever possible, at Digital Studio events and seminars, including morning teas
    3. Presentation of research project once annually (at most appropriate time) to Digital Studio community and stakeholders
    4. Development of content for the Digital Studio website, or an article for Pursuit about their research project
    5. Willingness to share emergent methodologies and techniques with colleagues in the Digital Chamber
    6. Support from the Digital Studio acknowledged in presentation
  • Conduct
    1. To support the smooth functioning of the Digital Chamber, researchers should abide by the following guidelines:
    2. Act as an ambassador for the Digital Studio and actively promote and advocate for programs and activities
    3. Hold meetings and longer conversations at the informal project spaces on level 2 or in one of the Studio's bookable rooms
    4. Help maintain the kitchenette, bathrooms, printing facilities, and assist with the upkeep of the Studio’s spaces

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