Graduate Internship applications

The Digital Studio's Graduate Internship Scheme seeks to expand the integration of digital research projects and methods across the Faculty of Arts.

Student applications

Student applications for the 2020 internships close on Friday 1 May

The internships are open to research graduate students (Doctor of Philosophy) in the Faculty of Arts, or students who have recently completed their PhD (within the last 6 months).

The internship is a unique opportunity for graduate students to expand their coding and data management skills, with training and mentoring from the Digital Studio. Interns will be matched with an academic, assisting them to deliver a digital project within the humanities and social sciences.

Graduate Student application

  • Internship student guidelines
    1. The internships are open to research graduate students (Doctor of Philosophy and Masters by Research) in the Faculty of Arts, or students who have recently completed their PHD (within the last 6 months)
    2. The Faculty of Arts Digital Studio Graduate internships are paid and valued at $2,000 each (approximately 45 hours work and interns are paid as casual research assistants, schedule to be negotiated with academic supervisor)
    3. Interns will be required to meet with their academic supervisor and Digital Studio mentor regularly throughout the project (minimum of four times)
    4. Interns are expected to work in the Digital Studio and attend intern meet-ups to promote sharing of knowledge and collaborative learning amongst intern cohort
    5. Preliminary data manipulation and management training sessions will be a requirement prior to commencing the internship (training is in addition to paid hours)
    6. Additional mentoring and support will be provided by the SCIP and the Digital Studio throughout the internship as required
    7. At the end of the internship all interns will be required to present their project as part of a showcase event
  • Applications requirements
    • All applicants must submit a one-page CV with their application
    • All applicants must upload a copy of the Internship Declaration signed by their supervisor. Download copy of Declaration

Academic applications

Academic applications for the 2020 internship program close on Friday 7 April

Academics working in the humanities and social sciences who have a suitable digital project, or amassed research materials that would benefit from structured cleaning, coding, expanding or visualisation of their dataset, can submit an expression of interest to join the program.

Academic expression of interest

  • Internship academic guidelines

    The Digital Studio internships have the following requirements for participating academics:

    1. The program is available to all staff in the five Schools, and internships will be distributed across the Schools
    2. Preference for researchers who already have some basic data management structures or coding framework, or academics who have amassed research materials that could be organised into a data management framework
    3. Grant funding is available for 10 internships valued at $2,000 each, which approximates to 45 hours, with graduate training provided in addition to the internship hours
    4. Academics will be required to meet in-person with their intern at least four times during the internship; at the beginning of the internship, after the intern has completed 15 hours, 30 hours, and to plan the end of internship presentation
    5. Academics who participate in the scheme will be asked to demonstrate the ways their data has been enhanced and should be willing to share the results with other scholars in their School. They will be assisted to provide this presentation by their intern
    6. Interns will be supported throughout the internship by the Digital Studio and ideally work in the Studio’s collaborative digital research environment

If you have any questions about the internships please email