The Digital Studio hosts a diverse range of seminars, leading debates and discussion for digital scholars; whether critics, creatives or champions.

2020 Seminars

In light of the emerging COVID-19 situation and continuing policy statements from the State and Federal Government, the University is adopting a series of changes to reduce rates of infection in the community. The health and wellbeing of our community is of paramount importance. Therefore, all University events have been postponed or cancelled from midnight, Tuesday 17 March. Thank you for your understanding as we endeavour to keep our community members safe during this uncertain time.

Seeing Double: The Multiple Worlds of Virtual Reality

Histories of virtual reality routinely tell a story of progress, in which early attempts to simulate the real are trumped first by photography, then film, and now by the digital. This is perhaps why digital VR is often quarantined from its non-digital doubles - photography and film, but also literature, painting, theatre, and architecture. This seminar series will highlight this diverse repertoire of virtual realities, focusing on the exchanges between digital and analogue, and on the relations that contemporary virtual realities have, or may have, with their pasts. This seminar series is presented by the Digital Studio in partnership with Research Unit for Enlightenment, Romanticism Contemporary Culture.

Past seminars and series


Digital Politics

The digital environment and the political sphere are now inextricably linked. Digital interference in elections, the rise of online activism, and everyday understandings of politics mediated via Twitter or Facebook, raise new issues for research. What are the digital trends, actors and interventions that are critical to the activity of democracy, policy formation, and political activism? This seminar series examined these intersections between the digital and the political.

This seminar series is presented by the Digital Studio in partnership with the School of Social and Political Sciences and The Policy Lab.

Indigenous Australia and Digital Futures

Digital technology is rapidly changing the transmission of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ history and contemporary culture; both within Indigenous communities and for settler Australia. Presenting the work of researchers engaged with the influence of digital technologies on Indigenous futures in Australia, this seminar series interrogated questions of cultural expression, activism, relationality, sovereignty, and decolonisation within the digital world.

This seminar series was presented by the Digital Studio in partnership with the Indigenous-Settler Relations Collaboration.