Digital Skills Training


These training sessions are part of our digital studio 2021 internship and are designed to be introductory zoom sessions to various digital HASS tools and methods. We are opening them up to wider faculty and academics/students. if you wish to attend any of the sessions, please e-mail with your name, e-mail, the session you would like to attend, and you will be sent the zoom link.

Working with APIs

Date: 3 September, 10:30am-12:30pm

This is a hands-on training session showing how to search and collect data effectively using Trove and Factiva APIs. (Basics of python is preferred but not required.)


Date: 7 September, 10-11:30am

In this session, you will learn the basics of the archival presentation tool Omeka. Omeka is a fantastic tool for presenting your research data via engaging exhibitions and collections. Custom built for researchers, Omeka lets you showcase your research items digitally, and allows them to be accessible to the public and other researchers through a robust metadata framework. This training will teach you how to add items, build collections, and design exhibitions using the free web browser version of Omeka -

Data Visualisation Workshop

Date: 14 September, 10-11.30am

This is a 90-minute hands-on Data Visualisation Workshop for interns to learn data visualisation principles using the five-design sheet (5ds) methodology and an agile, iterative approach to develop your own visualisation.

Materials: You’ll need to bring three blank pages, pen or pencil and (optional) eraser.

Idea: What data, information, conceptual model or process (from your project or your thesis) you want to practice with.

Outcome: Two different information designs.