Media and Communications

Our program conducts cutting-edge research to understand how the flow of data, ideas, personal stories, and formats have shaped our culture and society.

Media and Communications

Media and Communications at Melbourne

Working closely with industry, community, and government partners, we draw on diverse research approaches and critical theories to produce invaluable knowledge about the digitally connected world.

Media and Communications is a dynamic program within the University that emphasises a critical understanding of the fast-changing area of media and communications, equipping the next generation of media professionals with the skills needed to lead and manage during a time of unprecedented transformation.

Our academic staff are widely published academics, industry professionals, and leading researchers with broad expertise, including in:

  • Marketing and strategic communication
  • Public relations
  • Media writing and editing
  • Global media and society
  • Digital content creation and platforms
  • Community building
  • Research methods
  • Media technologies

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Our program offers students a critical understanding of the fast-changing area of media and communications. Close links with media professionals enable students to develop the blend of conceptual and practical skills required for successful careers in media and other industries. We offer a comprehensive program from undergraduate major to PhD through our popular undergraduate and higher degree courses.


Graduate coursework

Graduate research

Students join us from across the world to work with internationally recognised experts join a vibrant and collegial learning community. Further opportunities are offered, supervised research and international exchanges that draw on the Program's global partner networks.

Meet our Media and Communications staff

Our staff are experts across a diverse range of fields including professional communication, marketing communications, digital life, social media platforms and governance, urban communication and culture, and others.

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