'Ali's Wedding': reframing Asian-Australia

Hailed as Australia’s first Muslim rom-com, Ali’s Wedding – the charming story of a cleric’s son caught between tradition and love – was celebrated for its portrayal of an underrepresented diaspora and involvement of community members in the cast and crew.

Using the film as a springboard, this panel conversation – co-presented by Screening Ideas and Liminal magazine – unites Ali’s Wedding executive producer Tony Ayres, activist and Human Rights Arts & Film Festival chair Roj Amedi, and media scholar Ruby Hamad to discuss authenticity, visibility, and evolutions in both the screen landscape and Asian-Australian communities. Ultimately, this panel explores why ‘seeing ourselves’ remains a perennial concern in contemporary society, and further investigates the relationship between representation and cultural change in modern Australia. Moderated by essayist, critic and Liminal publication editor Adolfo Aranjuez.