'The Faculties': what is the meaning of the university institution?

The Faculties (Las Facultades) is a vérité documentary film that chronicles the journey of students from Argentina's public universities while preparing for, worrying about, and ultimately taking their final oral exams.

In this conversation, director Eloísa Solaas speaks with Cristóbal Escobar about her experience of making the film and examines some of the questions that The Faculties poses, such as the meaning of the university institution and the role of its 'faculties'.


Eloísa Solaas graduated from the Image and Sound Design career (FADU-UBA). She has worked as a programmer for the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), as an assistant director in various fiction and documentary projects and teaches film theories at different film schools in Buenos Aires. She works at the Film Museum of Buenos Aires,  producing audiovisual projects with film footage such as Intervened Events (2014) and Intervened Archives: School Cinema (2016)). Las facultades is her first feature film as a director.

Cristóbal Escobar (moderator) writes about film and aesthetic philosophy. He is a teaching associate at the University of Melbourne where he has recently submitted his doctoral thesis on The Intensive-image: Rethinking Deleuze´s Film-Philosophy. His work has appeared in academic journals, film magazines and newspapers, and he is currently drafting the publication of his first monograph. Since 2019, Cristóbal has served as head of international programming for the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival (FIDOCS).