Alexander Baky Tran


Creative Writing

Image of Alexander Tran
Image of Alexander Tran

I am a practising Buddhist and published poet, who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Having worked in both the public and private sectors before returning to academia, I have gained valuable insights into a range of fields, including journalism, education, administration and government.



What Warrants the Written Word: The Preservation and Propagation of Buddhism through Poetry and Poetics

My interdisciplinary research is situated in the fields of creative writing and Buddhist studies; my thesis comprises a conventional dissertation component and a creative writing artefact that predominantly utilises practice-based research methodology. With a concentration on Mahāyāna and Vietnamese Buddhism, my PhD examines the practice of writing – specifically of poetry and poetics – in the preservation and propagation of the Buddhist religion. The peculiarity of my research arises through my unique positionality as a second-generation ‘transcultural Buddhist’. I am interested in addressing the dearth of scholarship on Vietnamese Buddhism, in particular, which is one of the most overlooked traditions of buddhology.

Research interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Practice-based Research
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Autoethnography