Andrew Irvin


Arts and Cultural Management

Image of Andrew Irvin
Image of Andrew Irvin

From Granville, Ohio, Andrew has lived in Fiji since 2012, where he's worked for the International Union for Conservation of Nature and The University of the South Pacific, where he received an MSc. in Climate Change. He holds a BFA in Dance & Drama from Kenyon College.



A New Ocean - Case Studies in Nissological Futurism

Pacific Island Countries face rapidly thinning future scenarios as a consequence of anthropogenic climate change. As a consequence this thesis examines social imaginaries in the form of near-future hard science fiction case studies proposing potential geopolitical, economic, and technological interventions to shift from the current crisis trajectory, breaking with the existing paradigm under which Oceania is disadvantaged, and thicken the futures for those communities seeking to avoid forced migration through adaptive measures at both local and global scale.

Research interests

  • Small Island Developing States
  • Sustainability & Conservation
  • Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Policy & Legislation
  • Creative Writing