Samuel Holleran


Media and Communications

Image of Samuel Holleran
Image of Samuel Holleran

Samuel Holleran focuses on the intersection of media and the built environment, with a focus on how imagery drives planning and memorialisation processes. He has worked as a researcher and educator in civically-engaged design with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) in New York and the Chair for Architecture & Urban Design at ETH-Z├╝rich.



Cemeteries as Civic Spaces: Public Participation in the Planning and Renewal of Cemeteries

This project examines the conflicting functions of cemeteries; sites that serve as open-air archives, depositories for memorials, and spaces for green urbanism and alternative civic use. A central question is the communication of intent: how do city officials and cemetery managers communicate the necessity of changes to burial sites to interested constituents? And what can interactions in the planning and maintenance of cemetery spaces tell us about the city at large?

Research interests

  • Media History
  • Urban Studies
  • Public Space
  • Infrastructure
  • Spectatorship
  • Memorialisation