Thomas Weight


Media and Communications

Image of Thomas Weight
Image of Thomas Weight

Thomas Weight is a PhD candidate in Media and Communication at the University of Melbourne. His dissertation attempts to theorize the structure and subject of digitality by way of topology and political economy.



The Structure and Subject of Digitality

My thesis seeks to re-cognize the concept of digitality by way of topology and political economy. Digitality is generally understood to be a novel phenomenon that involves a new sort of technological logic and, resultingly, an ontological effect. This thesis instead argues that digitality is a historical phenomenon that involves a particular structural logic and, resultingly, a totalising social effect. I argue that this re-cognizing allows media theory to move beyond the fetish of ‘new media’ and speculatively (in the Hegelian sense of the term) comprehend digitality and its psychic discontents.

Research interests

  • Media Theory
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Political Economy