Timothy Williams


Creative Writing

Image of Timothy Williams
Image of Timothy Williams

Timothy is an author, screenwriter and PhD candidate with the University of Melbourne. His work, both creative and academic, focuses on the intersections between interactivity and creative writing.



Writing Interactivity: A study of the play-element across narrative media

Timothy's thesis is a comparative analysis of the adaptation of interactive narrative media. This analysis redefines this thesis’ three core terms of interactivity, adaptation and creative writing in relation to each other. The consequential repositioning of these terms understands their existing definitions as symptomatic of a broader media-archaeological paradigm. This thesis ultimately identifies interactivity as it exists across narrative media; in so doing, it also identifies the broader creative potential of interactivity as a narratological concept.

The creative work that comprises the latter half of this thesis is a non-linear video game script. It is a story with a concrete beginning and end, however, the scenarios that contribute towards the bulk of the narrative are entirely interchangeable and dynamic. It presents its narrative pieces simultaneously and promotes random-access interactivity.

Research interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Video Games
  • Interactivity
  • Adaptation
  • Player-Avatar Relationship
  • Trans-Media Practice