Future research students

Information for prospective students regarding the Doctor of Philosophy – Arts or Masters by Research program.

The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies offers the following Graduate Research courses

Doctor of Philosophy – Arts Master of Arts (Thesis only)

Master of Arts (Advanced Seminar and Shorter Thesis) – Philosophy only

Please note: Master of Arts (Advanced Seminar and Shorter Thesis) is available for Philosophy students only.

Expression of interest

The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies has recently introduced an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for prospective students and supervisors. Before submitting an EOI please consult with a prospective supervisor. The Discipline Research Chairs will review the EOI and notifiy you if your request is successful.

Current Discipline Research Chairs are as follows:


Discipline Research Chair

Classics and Archaeology

Dr Lieve Donnellan


Dr Petronella Nel


Dr  Ángel Alcalde


Dr Darrin Durant


Associate Professor Holly Lawford-Smith

Step 1. Decide which course you are interested in applying for:

Step 2. Determine if you meet the minimum entry requirements for the course.

Step 3. Approach a potential supervisor using the Find an Expert Supervision Enquiries form or via the School’s Our People web page. Please ensure you provide a CV, Research proposal and academic transcripts (Bachelor and Master / Honours) when contacting your nominated supervisor/s.

Step 4. Discuss your research interests and plans with the potential supervisor and confirm they wish to support your application.

Step 5. Complete the EOI form in consultation with the potential supervisor.

Step 6. The EOI will go to the Discipline Chair for review.

Step 7. The Discipline Chair will approve or reject your EOI and copy in the potential supervisor as well as the Arts Graduate Research team.

Step 8. If approved, proceed to making a formal application online, and upload the approval email as part of your evidence of correspondence with your nominated supervisor.

Please note: this is approval to make a formal application ONLY. Your application will still be considered by the School and Faculty Selection Committee. This is not a guarantee of a course and scholarship offer.

In the event your EOI is not approved we recommend you make enquiries with other Universities or discuss reapplying for a future admission period with your nominated supervisor.

If you have are unsure about any of the instructions or considerations above, please email the Arts Graduate Research Team.

Complete the EOI form now


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