Grimwade Centre

Grimwade Centre staff profiles

FieldStaff member
Cultural materials conservation that focus on the materials and techniques of artists (particularly in Australia and South East Asia), ethical and philosophical issues in cultural materials conservation, and the development of scientific techniques for conservation Associate Professor Robyn Sloggett
Addressing complex heritage preservation  
Biodeterioration of cultural materials, wall painting conservation Dr Caroline Kyi
Audiovisual collection management, Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Performing Arts, Conserving Performance-based artworks, Time-based media, Ethnographic media, intercultural and interdisciplinary research and teaching methods Robert Lane
Conservation of works on paper and other supports, Middle Eastern Manuscripts, digitisation of collections, conservation pedagogy Sophie Lewincamp
Characterisation of adhesives used on archaeological pottery, use of non-invasive techniques like micro-XRD, & FTIR-ATR, Chemistry collections, development of analytical techniques in conservation, Daylight fluorescent pigments Dr Petronella Nel
Archival studies and the conservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Medical anthropology, the history of the collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human remains and repatriation to communities  
Cultural materials conservation policy, digitisation of tangible and intangible heritage, managing conservation engagement Tim Ould
Conservation ethics; preventive conservation; interdisciplinarity and conservation pedagogy; sustainability in conservation Dr Marcelle Scott
Conservation of Paintings, characterisation of art materials in tropical climates, deterioration and tropical climates, non destructive testing with laser technologies, twentieth century paintings in Southeast Asia, transfer of cultural practices Dr Nicole Tse