By place

Field Staff member
American and Atlantic History Trevor Burnard; Heather Dalton; David Goodman; Barbara Keys; Sean Scalmer; Kat Ellinghaus
Asian History Antonia Finnane (especially China); Kate McGregor (especially Indonesia); Andrew May (especially India)
Australian and Pacific Histories Andrew May; Joy Damousi; David Goodman; Sean Scalmer; Kat Ellinghaus
European History Heather Dalton; Julie Fedor (especially Russia and eastern Europe); Barbara Keys; Catherine Kovesi (especially Italy); Helen MacDonald (especially Britain); Charles Zika (especially German-speaking Europe); Jenny Spinks; Matthew Champion (especially France and Germany, low countries); Mark Edele (especially the Soviet Union)
Middle Eastern History Richard Pennell (especially Lebanon)
North African History Richard Pennell (especially Morocco, Libya and Tunisia)

By theme

Field Staff member
International history Barbara Keys; Kate McGregor; Kat Ellinghaus
Cultural history Heather Dalton; Julie Fedor; David Goodman ; Catherine Kovesi; Helen MacDonald; Andrew May; Charles Zika; Kat Ellinghaus ; Jenny Spinks; Matthew Champion
History of gender and sexuality Joy Damousi; Catherine Kovesi ; Kat Ellinghaus ; Matthew Champion
History of law and human rights Catherine Kovesi; Charles Zika
History of consumption and economies Trevor Burnard; Heather Dalton; Antonia Finnane; Catherine Kovesi
Exploration, imperial and colonial history Trevor Burnard; Heather Dalton; Andrew May ; Richard Pennell; Kat Ellinghaus
Media and sound history Catherine Kovesi; Matthew ChampionCharles Zika
Memory Joy Damousi; Julie Fedor; Kate McGregor
Political history Barbara Keys; Sean Scalmer
Religious history Catherine Kovesi; Charles Zika; Jenny Spinks; Matthew Champion
Social history Trevor Burnard; Antonia Finnane; Andrew May; Kat Ellinghaus
History of emotions Joy Damousi; Barbara Keys; Charles Zika; Jenny Spinks; Matthew Champion
Urban history Antonia Finnane;  Andrew May ; Matthew Champion
Intellectual history Joy Damousi; David Goodman; Matthew Champion
History of violence Joy Damousi; Julie Fedor; Barbara Keys; Kate McGregor; Richard Pennell; Jenny Spinks; Mark Edele
Sport history Joy Damousi; Barbara Keys
Material culture Andrew MayMatthew Champion