History and Philosophy of Science

Field Staff member
19th and 20th Century Continental Kristian Camilleri
Australian History James Bradley
Sara Wills
Biography and Autobiography James Bradley
Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
British History James Bradley
Colonialism James Bradley
Communications Technologies Michael Arnold
Crime James Bradley
Community Informatics (Technology in community contexts) Michael Arnold
Cultural History Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Darwin, Darwinism and Evolution James Bradley
Digital Research Methods Michael Arnold
James Bradley
Empirical Methods Michael Arnold
Fiona Fidler 
European History, Early Modern Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Family and Kinship Studies Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Film and Radio History Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Health Informatics (Technology in Health Contexts) Michael Arnold
History of Science Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
History of Early Modern Philosophy Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
History of Universities Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Identity Sara Wills
History and New Media James Bradley
Medicine and Mental Illness James Bradley
Memory Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Migration Sara Wills
Multiculturalism Sara Wills
Natural History and Colonial Science James Bradley
Philosophy of Science Kristian Camilleri
Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Fiona Fidler
Science and Romanticism Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
Social History James Bradley
Social Studies of Technology Michael Arnold
Sociology of Technology Michael Arnold
Sport History James Bradley
Technology in domestic contexts Michael Arnold
Technology in Educational Contexts Michael Arnold
Urban Informatics (Technology in urban contexts) Michael Arnold