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Teacher Traineeships / Unterrichtspraktikum

In most semesters, students from German speaking countries are guests of our School. As part of their studies in Germanistik or Deutsch als Fremdsprache, they do a semester of teacher training (Praktikum) with us. Under the supervision of teaching staff, those students observe and discuss language classes at all levels and are being introduced into tertiary German teaching by team teaching and supervised teaching in a particular language course they become familiar with over the course of the semester.

Our Melbourne students enjoy the opportunity to meet their native speaker peers and work together with them in grammar and conversation classes. Often, trainees have been involved in the social activities of the School such as Stammtische, Germanic Players and the German Club.

Due to the teacher training program, which by all accounts is mutually beneficial and enjoyable for Melbourne students and their European colleagues, a number of lasting trans-continental friendships have been initiated.

The traineeship program is coordinated by Leo Kretzenbacher.

Information for traineeship applicants / Informationen für Praktikums-Interessierte

Falls Sie sich für ein Praktikum an unserem Institut interessieren, bitte lesen Sie die weiteren Informationen im PDF-Format.

The Germanic Players

The Germanic Players is a theatre group which draws its members from the staff and students of German. The Germanic Players were formed in 1990 and have several successful performances to their credit, including an adaptation of Kafka's Die Verwandlung (1991, and 1992 at the Adelaide Fringe Festival), Nestroy's Der Talisman (1992) and Brecht's Die Dreigroschenoper (1993). In recent years the Germanic Players have devised their own productions: Wanderers Nachtlied, a mediaeval-style strolling players show (1994) and Kabarett Internet (1995), a multi-media performance which grappled with the moral and ethical issues of the Internet and of digital communication. In 1996 the group embarked on its first overseas tour, travelling to Germany in two international drama festivals with Kabarett Internet.

The most recent productions of the group have been Botho Strauß's Groß und Klein (1997), Thomas Brasch's Frauen.Krieg.Lustspiel (1998) and, in the centenary year of Bertolt Brecht's birth, the Brecht play Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (1998). In 1999 the group performed the Max Frisch play Triptychon and in the year 2000 the group performed a Heiner Müller production die Hamletmaschine.

The University of Melbourne German Club

The University of Melbourne German Club is a departmental club, meaning all students enrolled in German at the University are automatically members. The German Club has an Education Officer and year level representatives to represent its members. The club also heartily welcomes students from German-speaking backgrounds, and anyone else interested in speaking German, or just in finding out more about the culture of German speaking people (they're not just from Germany!).

The club runs a number of social events: "Kaffee und Kuchen" is held on a weekly basis, each Thursday 1-2pm, and allows students to practice their German in a social environment, to meet students from German-speaking countries, and as the name suggests, to gorge themselves on coffee and cakes! Venue: Room 407, Babel Building. The club also regularly shows German films, often with subtitles, followed by a "Stammtisch", starting at 6pm every Monday, at The Corkman Irish Pub. The club newsletter "Titelblatt" is issued monthly. It is open for everyone to submit articles, in German or English, to share their academic research or interesting trivial matters. Other events include dinners at German restaurants, games nights, Oktoberfest BBQ and talks which are advertised in emails to our members, and on noticeboards in the Department on the 7th floor of the Babel Building.

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